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It was during his junior high school days when Dj smoke and his buddy Tre' came up with their first song "Hip Hop Theme" Produced by dj smoke. Dj Smoke (then known as Dj Timmy T, & Tha Khemist) has worked with many other artists from the south suburbs beginning in the late 90's...Groups such as Tha Zoo Crew (Dave EL, Black Nitty, Boo Killa, etc),  Nation Bizness (Pepp G, Ron G, Young Gunz etc),  Lil Zoo Niggaz (Dan EL, Smitty, Blunt G), Raw Material (Turnis G, Rydin Slow etc) Creating a sound that was all their own Dj Smoke and the combination of these groups (The Empire) made many underground hit songs and created a buzz in their area "The Co-op's". In 2000 Dan EL went in the studio and released the highly energetic album "Inside My Mind" that's when everyone saw how much love people really had. Dan EL sold numerous copies throughout the whole area and had everyone banging his cd. With the exception of two beats one was produced by Dj Smoke, and the other by Turnis G, Dan EL created all the beats with his producer and engineer.

After years of being off the scene and hearing whack dj's come up off of "microphone mixtapes" dj smoke decided to go back to making his own mixtapes for himself and friends. In 2003 he began to work on his mixtape game and began to master the art of creating mixtapes, tho dj smoke moved on from the traditional turntable and mixer idea, and got himself a computer and learned how to make remixes and  mixtapes. That led to him using the remixes in his mixtapes to make them exclusive. In 2004 the name "dj smoke" and "the dj's dee jay" came about as he would smoke other dj's by takin their mixtapes and re-mixing them into  what he called "real mixtapes". Its not a mixtape if the music isnt' mixed!! Dj Smoke believed "that just talking over the songs is fucking the game up" So he would re-make blended, mixed mixtape from other dj's exclusives. Many peoplethought the same way as dj smoke and his style of mixing caught on somewhat quickly. It wasn't until 2007 when dj smoke decided to take dj'ing seriously and began reaching out to artists from all over the nation to work with an getting his own exclusives. Since september 2007 dj smoke has released over 30 successful mixtapes until now (august 2008)...Right now there are about 6 mixtapes that are ready to be released this month (august). Dj Smoke is currently in the process of building his company Chi-Stylez Ent from the ground up.

So be on the lookout for big things to come from this dude because he is so official!! Remember DjSmokeMixtapes is the brand, and Chi-stylez Ent is only the Beginning!!

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Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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