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E. QUE SOUL is a soul singer, songwriter, rapper and producer originally from Gary, Indiana, raised in Atlanta, and now resides on the north side of Chicago. His interest in multiple musical instruments in the fifth grade along with his 'love at first sight relationship with hip hop' inspired his quest to become a musical phenomenon that would dare to cross genre lines like his hometown hero Michael Jackson. This self-taught pianist broadened his horizons by learning to play the keyboard and trumpet as well. By his early teens, he began producing his own music and writing songs. While attending school at Banneker High in Atlanta, GA he was encouraged to join the band where his natural singing ability was first discovered by his peers. He soon realized his burning desire to create music and a variety of other art forms. He started drawing, painting, and sculpting. But mostly, he discovered a need to turn his voice into his own musical instrument. This started the chain of events that created the undeniably smooth, yet futuristic sound E.QUE possesses today. As E.QUE  SOUL intertwines his soulful singing with a multitude of distinctive rap flows, he constantly reinvents himself over and over again while maintaining an unmatched creativity in today's industry. He mastered his own unique sound and has been making hits for himself and a long list of other independent artists for over six years. E.QUE SOUL, whose name explains the personification of musical equalization with the truest form of soul is a genius as he steps into the booth and creates vocal arrangements and sounds without the assistance of any vocal or music producers. E.Que has recognized the gaping hole that currently exists within today's music industry for multi-faceted originality and has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. His internet presence is widespread globally and his Myspace page is undeniably addictive. His stats are impressive and fans are loyal. He gives his fans at least two new songs per month to remind them of his versatility while providing something for everyone. E.QUE simply states, “I get bored really easy." He is that outstanding complete package that looks good, sounds good, and feels good to the soul. He's a risk taker that makes colorblind music for all. He's here to convert the non-believers of hip-hop and mesmerize his female audience with his smooth soulful style. Hence, the name Illswitch. E.QUE proudly accepted the given name of Illswitch for his obvious ability to 'switch it up' with his music. Whether rapping, singing, or a clever mixture of both, E.QUE believes there are no limits, just guidelines. He jumps the fence of musical genres to expand the original sound he's created so as to always keep it fresh. Keep in mind, E.QUE' s sound may not be the sound you're used to hearing, but it IS the one you'll LOVE to hear. His voice will be deposited in your memory bank and stored there as you gain interest into his music and his world. He never follows trends, he creates them. The more you listen, the more hooked you become. There's no mistaking it, E.QUE is the ONE to keep your eyes on as he skyrockets through the music world. Please stay tuned because he’s here to stay.

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City: Chi-Town
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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KRS One, Jay-Z, Nas, Bone Thugs in Harmony, Michael Jackson, R.Kelly, Eminem, Nirvana, Incubus, P.O.D., Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Total Plays: 32
Total Streams: 32
Total Downloads: 0
Total Page Views: 3,530

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