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Jeff started writing and performing in 1965. He has led various rock and jazz groups including the legendary Pasadena Jazz septet, "Watercolours" which featured great players like John Avila of Oingo Boingo, award winning composer/producer Max Vasquez, John Coltrane's sideman Rene Pineda, Gary Lenk, Gaston Rene and many others.

During the 70s, Jeff attended school wioth the likes of Eddie Van Halen and others, often teaching alongside Ediie in San Gabriel Valley music schools!

In the 80-90s, T-Bone Burnett's apprentice engineer was hired aboard to produce a series of "basement recordings" now known as the rock/folk/blues album, "Nowhere Street".

In the past seven years, Max Vasquez wanted to archive as much of his music as possible in an acoustic setting. However, the project blossomed into, "Cycle of Life", Jeff's masterpiece and one of Max's best production efforts. The album took six years to make, as Jeff suffers from Crohns Disease and is ill 5 to 7 months out of the year. Special guests include Forrest Robinson of The Crusaders and Foreigner! Amanda Abizaid, Spielberg Productions session singer! and many others.

Working around that issue on Jeff's really good days, Max got him into the studio and the result was a work of beauty infused with the pain of a life that has known much suffering, yet shines through it all in artistic triumph!

Please enjoy the samples here and if it moves you also please support this wonderful artist whose health has deteriorated in the last few years. Jeff has a humble San Gabriel Valley guitar teacher for the past 40 years plus! He has been an influence in many shredders coming out of the east side for generations!

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City: Los Angeles
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: California (CA)

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Bob Seeger, Bruce Sprinsteen, Tom Waits, Tom Petty, George Thoroughgood, Howlin Wolf, Leon Russell, Dr John

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