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Dj – Underground Rave / Club / Mobile / NET Radio / FM Radio / Podcast
Announcer – VO Production / Boxing / Wrestling / Misc. Sports
Producer – House / Electro / Dj Tools

First inspired by Chicago's B96 Mixmaster Bobby D. at a Zero Gravity premier in the 90's, "Mike C!" hit the decks early in life at age 14 started mixing and scratchin' Hard House records from Dj Jes Ones Groove Shop, Super Dance, and Another Level. At age 15 started mixing sets at several Dj Battles, House Parties, and After-hours events operating as "The Turntable Kid." At 16 mixed shows in over 25 High Schools yearly for park districts in Illinois, Won amateur mix off at Carlson Arena Dance on Ice and mixed every Saturday as resident Dj w/ Klubb Kid. By 17 was offered several guest spots at Times Theater Night Club w/ Dj 2 Shy, later moving on to open at small bars, night clubs, and underground raves throughout the Mid West. At age 18 opened a Mobile Dj and Oxygen Bar company serving several cities. Once well established by 2002 I landed my teenie bop dream of being resident Dj for Galaxy Entertainment - Elixur Nightclub (Rockford, IL) + Zero Gravity Teen Nightclub (Naperville, IL) working events with Sarina Paris, Christina Aguilera, NSYNC, Inoj, La Bouche, and hosted parties and promotions with Energy 92.5FM Clubland Radio in Chicago. I have Dj'd live with Bobby D. (Energetic Sounds.com), Mixin Marc (Movement Music), Billy The Kid aka Bill Basil, Dj Psycho ****, Josh The Funky One, Rick Hype, Johnny Quest, Phil K., Stevie E., Dj Klubb Kid and more. My mixes have been featured on many Internet Radio spots, Podcasts, and LIVE FM Radio mix show in California. Much love and respect to Jes One and Bobby D. for encouraging advice and showing me some techniques when I was young. Spent a lot of time down in Rockford with Jes One at his shop while the chief Dj cut it up like no other. Truely inspired from those moments...And getting to watch Bobby D. rock the house from inside the booth when I was just 15 back in those "Edit Crazy" days drove me wild to throwdown. Over 10 years later Mike C! Mix is taking his Dj career to a new level by stepping in to the large arena of producing tracks. As the new resident Dj on Oklahoma cities 1Dance.FM Now you can bang to my beat online every Friday night. Find me featured with some of the biggest Dj's and producers in the world on the W.I.T.T.G.R. Podcast with Kidd Linus on the west coast. After taking on the underground scene since 2003 I have been spinning at some of the largest venues of my career in attempt to grow my name outside the Mid West. Now after New Years 2010 I am returning home to Chicago with inspiration to tour night clubs, spend more time producing in the studio, and establish a new club residency in the city. I have always been a strictly Vinyl/12” Dj since age 15…but along came technology which gave little kids the power to be a “Mixmaster/Producer” by pressing few buttons. Over the past few years I have transitioned in to also mixing w/ CD Decks, Laptop solutions, and professional software to keep with the industry standard. But really, what's a Dj booth with out turntables!!? Next month I will release a new 75 minute Electro Mix CD to be sold online and in stores and mix shops worldwide. Also considering labels to sample songs that I am producing with plans to release some bangin' hits in 2010! Finally returning to Chicago this New Year. Drop me a message anytime. Thanks for your support! -www.mikeCmix.com

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City: Chicago - Rockford, IL / Milwaukee, WI / Detroit, MI / Indianapolis, IN
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Illinois (IL)

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Total Plays: 70
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Total Page Views: 3,186

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