B-CHILD Mr Fly As A Bird - Watch Me Yank (LIVE2)

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Song Name : Watch Me Yank (LIVE2)
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B-CHILD - Mr Fly As A Bird

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 Watch me cross you up and drive to da paint
  I know ya think dat ya can stop me but ya cant
 Now watch me rise on ya, **** it back and YANK
 I don’t know jus whatchu’ thank
 Dis here dewd iz top in rank, Now WATCH ME YANK (REPEAT 2x’s)

1st Verse:
I got da crowd goin wild like ya boy’z at home
Cuz it obvious to see da ya boyz in a zone
Think yall gone stop em, cuz you boyz in a zone
Get it right, I STOP-POP, You boyz all wrong
So keep play’n ya 2-3
Cuz Im ball’n like 2-3
Defeat’n all rivalz, my total titlez iz 2-3’s
I’m like Pac, play above da rim
Sum’n like da belly button stay above da trim
See these MVP letterz right above da brim
I treat da booth like court, Yessir I love da gym (SO)
Who think dey betta than me, 2nd place aint neva been me
Only way ya can offend me, think’n dat ya can defend me
Don’t rise get posterized
I’m Mr Fly As A Bird, keep my focus high


2nd Verse:
Fourth quarter jus started already on da break
Betta clear da runway, I’m takin off when I hit da paint
Boy you wrong if ya think I aint
Gone **** it back in da air and YANK
While I’m high as skyscrapers like I’m blow’n on sum dank
Top Rank, Number 1, Numero Uno, Who tho? You KNOW
Mr Fly As A Bird, hataz can besar me culo
If ya down wit da squad then we can kick it like judo
Ball harder than bricks, and do it bigger than sumos (AY)
Who get it pop’n like me, find’n one iz not as likely
When it comes to it, I jus do it…But not wit Nike
From any range, yea  ya boy got flame
Jus call em Jesus Shuttleworth cuz people he got game
Cross lames then I drive da lane and drop rain
Or dish one of dem thangz dat da name of hot dames
A world champ, it time to pop champagne
(Yessir) Ya see dat I got on my championship RANG…


Yessir watch me Ye-Ye-Ye-Ye-YANK on em
Yessir ima Ye-Ye-Ye-Ye-YANK on em
Yessir bout to Ye-Ye-Ye-Ye-YANK on em
All da hataz gone Ye-Ye-Ye-Ye-YANK on em (REPEAT 2x’s)


This joint is a motivational song for my basketball fans, ya can read da lyrics @ www.myspace.com/mrflyasabird

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