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is mustang's solo verbal and visual act for all platforms along with being a bluesy experimental industrial grunge/jam band. He works on almost all the real and virtual instruments. Musicians are hired or involved as guest artists for live acts. mUsTaNg; once and also referred as Partha Anant; The ex-frontman & guitarist of Fetus & dRaGsTa is untamed with lots of respect towards nature and lives on a will of his own; a sold out only to himself...some things that makes a mustang.

He has not limited his abilities as a musician to any particular genre. After working on various musical forms, he has finally developed a style of his own. But he is still on a lookout for space to contain his creativity though knowing there aren't any boundaries in existence. Communication arts of all forms have always held a status of an undying urge in his mind with music being the most respected of them all.

He works on guitar equipped with disorganized, unpredictable but strong vocal abilities that leaves a thought provocative impact on many listeners. He gives his bands 'BRUZEDMUSTANG' ( & 'MUSTANGSOWN' a lyrical & vocal force to counter everything that it feels is wrong.

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City: New Delhi
Country: ASIA: India

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Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Velvet Acid Christ, Jeff Beck, The Doors, John Lennon, Symphony X, Megadeth, Beastie Boys, Infected Mushroom, Primus, Nitzer Ebb, Static X, Mudvayne, DJ Shadow, Underworld, Steve Vai, Korn, Dave Matthews Band, Alice In Chains, Fi

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Total Plays: 103
Total Streams: 28
Total Downloads: 75
Total Page Views: 5,745

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