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Of the hundreds of rock bands that call Chicago their home, The Lifeline is one of the few that stands out from the rest. With a strong foundation in hard rock, the Lifeline brings classical music into the equation, an element few bands have dared to experiment with. Consequently, these hard working Chicagoans owe a lot of their unique qualities to their violinist and co-songwriter Rebecca Faber. Together with guitarist and lead vocalist Ryan T. Hope, they bring a style they call "Class meets Sass" to the Windy City. With numerous successful shows to date at most of Chicago's premier venues, as well as two appearances on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, the Lifeline is becoming a well-known name amongst those in the Chicago music scene.

With an E.P. entitled, Where there is Life, there is Hope under their belt the Lifeline are not strangers to solid songwriting. Songs such as “Listening to the Lies” have garnered much attention on Chicago’s Q101 local music mailroom as well as with local newspaper the Red Eye. The Lifeline were headliners at the RED EYE Metromix Rock and Vote 2006 concert at Metro and also headlined a show for MOBFEST over the summer.

This fall, after spending weeks locked up in a new local Chicago studio (Hoth Studios) with engineer Eric Disrud, Hope and Faber emerged with a final product that has taken their trademark style to the next level. For all Who Triumph puts a new twist on their already innovative sound. “Many of the songs on this record were inspired by classical pieces,” says Faber “the violin lines in these songs are layered to mimic an orchestra”. Along with these distinctive lines are a barrage of heavy rhythmic guitar riffs and clever drumming creating an intense listening experience. She then goes on to say that “this helps create a ‘larger than life’ kind of feel for our listeners. As far as the lyrical content is concerned for much of this record lyricist Hope uses the decade of the 1940’s as a source of inspiration. “WWII brought about a change in people that helped turn a terrible situation into something good. That’s what this record is about”. Although much of For All Who Triumph is laced with connotations and direct illusions to war, it is by no means a political statement, but rather a social commentary. The mixture of insightful lyrics, highly orchestrated ballads and hard-hitting anthems makes "Triumph" an album to listen to this fall

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